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Religious Newspaper Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Reading, Religious Newspaper in Eau Claire, WI

Are you tired of newspapers not giving you the information you need regarding God and how He factors into current events?

Ministry of the Second Coming puts out a religious newspaper based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Read our articles for a better understanding of how to follow the word of God.

Our monthly newspaper's religious and current events articles describe our point of view on various news and religious topics without leaving out the truth. We know what is true and what isn't, and we also know that positive news comes from Jesus and that negative news comes from Satan.


Our Objective

The primary purpose of our religious newspaper is to spread the word of Jesus Christ to those that need His influence in their lives. To help in our mission, we're looking for volunteers that want to spread God's word and do His work.

Your help with voting, charitable events, and other services ensures a stronger society for everyone.

Advertising Also Available

Would you like to advertise your business in our religious newspaper? Contact us for more information about purchasing ad space inside of our monthly publication.

Request more details from us about the types of articles appearing in our religious newspaper.

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